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I hope you’re all well! I’m utterly terrified to announce I have created a new blog called ‘A Painting Occasionally‘. I’ve spent a lifetime wanting to be an ‘artist’ and yet, I’ve been too much of a wimp to show anyone my work. To  be honest, the website still needs some fine tuning but if I delay anymore it just wont ever happen!

Due to the earthquake, I’ve had to move to a new apartment. It’s going well and I’ll update in the next few days but one of the positives to come out of it all is having a new artist buddy / landlord on hand to go on field trips with and having a lovely new area to explore.

So the blog is really just a way of charting my progress and hopefully motivating me to improve. I’m still trying to find my style and getting used to new mediums. At the moment I’m in a watercolour phase which is surprisingly tricky!

Anyway, this is just a quick update to point you to the new blog and if you want to receive painting updates, please ‘follow me‘ on that blog.



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2 thoughts on “A Painting Occasionally…

  1. Patricia

    I am also an artist afraid to lay claim to such, your work looks beautiful. I am planning on moving to Osimo area this January, I have spent two summers in the area and fell in love with the region. I will be looking for friends to connect with, paint with and have english conversations with, my Italian is just in the infancy stage. Best of luck with your blog!

    • Hi Patricia! Sorry for the delay and thank you for getting in touch! How exciting about your move! I really love the Osimo area – Osimo is a nice little town in itself (I used to live in neighbouring Camerano) but you’ve got such a lot of lovely places to go and paint – Sirolo, Numana, Portonovo! We’ll have to catch up for a painting session or more. There’s a group of us that like to go out and paint and have been going out on a Tuesday around the local area. It’s a bit further south for you though, annoying if you’ve not got a car but it’s around the Grottamare area. I made friends with language swap buddies who wanted to practice their English and I wanted to practice my Italian – I found everyone really friendly so I hope it goes well for you too and please do get in touch when you’re over and we’ll catch up! 🙂

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