Moving to Italy

Over the next few months, I’m hoping to furnish this page with information on:

House & Home: 

  • Buying and renting property – where to look and how to do it!
  • Getting connected to services: Gas, Electricity, Internet
  • Getting a mobile phone etc. and other mundane everyday bits and pieces that might be different in a new country.
  • Cars / Transport – buying transport in Italy, registering an existing car in Italy, things to be aware of when driving.

Working Life

  • Finances – what to be aware of, currently converting agencies, getting a bank, what taxes do you need to pay
  • Finding a job – how to go about it, where to look.
  • Pension – more information on how pensions work in Italy – do employers usually contribute, what happens to your pension contributions in the UK?
  • Bank holidays – what are they!

Health & Well-being

  • Healthcare – understanding how the healthcare works in Italy, how to get a GP, what to do if you’re ill.
  • Making friends – where can you go to meet people? Italians and ex-pats alike.

La Dolce Vita

Everything that wasn’t covered in the above to include:

  • Culture
  • Getting to grips with the language – language schools
  • Religion
  • Residency



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