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Today, I said “ciao” when I got into the office at work. They thought I was saying goodbye. So, to clear up a common misconception “ciao” is hello too – it’s not that I’m immediately bidding you goodbye.

So. Let me tell you about how it went with Chris. We had a lovely catch-up, and when I asked him about whether he’d manage the property, he said “no”. Not even a hint of consideration! It doesn’t actually surprise me, he’s too well off for it to be a good deal (I offered him a rather measly 5% of the rental income!) and he’s busy. But, he did come up with some suggestions – basically, to trawl the Estate Agents around my area to see if they’d be interested in renting out the rooms individually. Any of you interested?!

Alas, today I have made little progress with Italy type activities. I’ve suffering from persistent glumness this week. My attempts to counter it with techniques such as blowing the budget on clothes and make-up, eating everything in sight, drinking a lot and not exercising, have largely failed. Though I do now have lots of new stuff 🙂 Anyway, I remembered I had a River Island voucher today so could combine my need for treating myself with my need for not going overdrawn. So I popped in there and tried on some dresses. One dress was nice – lovely colour, nice material, good cut but something was odd. I umm-ed and ahh-ed and twisted and turned but couldn’t figure out what it was. I resolved to buy it anyway. On taking it off, the label scraped my nose – I realised I had it on back to front. It looks better the right way around it turns out. Perhaps River Island is too trendy for me these days!

Yesterday I added a couple more ideas to the Grand Plan which I’d forgotten to put in the first time around. It’s quite nice to have all the ideas in one place, and published so there’s no turning back! Apart, of course, from the fabulous ability on the blog to edit the bits out that I haven’t achieved 😉

In a vague Italian planning sense, I also started flicking through a birthday present a friend got me a while back “The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency – The classic guide for realists and dreamers by John Seymour”. It’s interesting! And I’m inspired to get a cow (next year mind you. I simply don’t think I could squeeze a cow in the lift if I bought one at the moment).

Right time to sign out – I have a print-making class on Thursday’s but I’ve canned it this week in favour of an early night. If I’m not asleep by 9.30pm, I’ve requested Lee to knock me out with a saucepan (though he thinks it’s not a good idea to sleep when concussed).

So if you’d like to hear how tomorrow goes when I will be sprightlier and when I will also email my Berlin pals to get some info on their tenancy bits & pieces, then tune into the next blog!

(I finished a book on Sunday called “Monkey” by Wu Cheng-en for a book club I go to each month. Each chapter ends with a “and if you’d like to find out what a mean, vile, murderous git Monkey is but instead of punishment receives only rewards, then you must read the next chapter”. I paraphrase. I get the impression the author wanted “Dear Monkey” to come out as an endearing rogue rather than an irritating prat. Perhaps something was lost in translation. Anyway, I’m going to end my blogs similarly!)

Buona sera i miei amici


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