HMO’s, Weddings and the Laptop of Doom


I’ve worked out how to add a separate page under another heading – so today I have added a page on HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation). If I was particularly clever, I’d work out how to add a link to that page in here now. Huh. I was worried this HMO business could have scuppered my plans to rent out the flat when I move to Italy next year. After some research, I’ve decided I’m in the clear. I’m going to tick that bit off the action plan.

What else have I been doing?  I went to the wedding of an old housemate of mine yesterday. It was an excellent wedding, the reception was in Brockwell Lido Cafe which is a great venue. It would of course, have been nicer if it had been a bit sunnier and marginally less hurricane-like but at least it didn’t rain. I did try and convince Lee to drive back home and come back with my salopettes and ski jacket but he wouldn’t. Pah. Both the couple are incredibly funny and they both did a speech – haven’t laughed that much in a while. After some dancing there was a genius pianist who just plays every song that you could ever have heard of – the entire wedding party stood around the piano and sung. When I find out this guy’s name – I’ll put a link into the blog – I’m sure he must have a website. I’m just in awe. People should hire him for all of their parties. All of them.

Today I’ve been desperately trying to sort out my laptop – it’s suddenly stopped receiving email. And of its own accord has been randomly moving things between drives. I’ve spent, let’s see, 7 hours so far trying to fix it and have learnt lots of things about FAT32 and NTsomethingorother. I have the latter. Which apparently means you can copy large files easily.  Alas, my laptop doesn’t appear to realise that and tells me that I simply don’t have enough space to copy over my MUCH smaller file into the MUCH larger spacious drive.

Right, I’m off to make a roast (a vegetarian version).



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