Leasing the flat and getting ready…


So, today I was going to try and acquire an example tenancy agreement from some friends who’ve recently moved to Berlin. Alas, I didn’t get around to it – I suspect I shouldn’t categorise this under the “Italy” category as I suspect my attempt doesn’t quite fit the bill.

However, I did talk to another friend who’s rented out her house a mile or so down the road and is having some terrible problems with tenants that aren’t moving out, or paying her rent whilst she’s now homeless waiting for them to be evicted. She recommended I rent out the house through Foxton’s who she thinks charges more than the average Estate Agent but who she thinks might end up with a more reliable type of tenant. She’s quite a firm believer that one needs an Estate Agent who vet the tenants thoroughly. A good idea really. My other friends rented out their house themselves and it seems to be going reasonably well but being in another country in the event of any niggling problems with maintenance, is proving to be annoying. However, they have a me, who will help out and is the “UK” contact in the event of problems. I did ask them if they would go down the same route if they were to do it again and they did say they would.

If I did it “alone” as it were, I’d need someone to help manage the property over here. I’m going to see my friend Chris who lives around the corner to see if I might be able to rope him into it. There might be some other advantages to getting Chris to help manage it too – if I rent out the rooms separately, I could make a bit more money from the flat so it would seem to be a more lucrative move if I could do it. And I could pay him if needs be a percentage of the rate. I’m seeing him tonight so I’ll discuss it with him then.

In other news – in my effort to clear the house in readiness for moving out (“go live” is April next year) I’ve been trying to get rid of clutter. Myself and Lee had a hamster last year who sadly died back in January – the cage was huge, and compiled of multiple cages and a full tunnel system! And it’s been in the dining room in black plastic bin liners since then. I’m not one for clutter but I’m quite sentimental and I just haven’t had it in me to think of getting rid of it. Of course, we could consider getting another hamster but with the move happening next year, and with my being out most days, evenings and weekends, it doesn’t seem fair. So, we finally took the step to get rid of the cage and ebay-ed it last week. We must have spend £££’s on that cage! But one lucky punter got it for £30 – regardless of the loss, I think it went to a nice hamster who was previously in a pokey little cage so I’m pleased 🙂
Aha! Chris has arrived, I’ll put my business opportunity to him and let you know. Oh the cliffhanger…

Ciao and sogni d’oro x

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