Sunday was a big carnevale day in Fano, one of the towns a bit further north in Le Marche so myself and some friends headed there on the train to have a look!

It was great!  Fab atmosphere,  loads of massive floats with bits that moved and dancing and best of all, sweets. They just chucked loads of sweets from the floats (when I say chucked I think some of the throwees were wannabe snipers and certainly got a few head shots in. There’s probably worse ways to go than being killed by chocolate though). We had quite a bit of a collection at the end though I suspect not as big as the folks who’d taken their umbrellas and upturned them to catch all the sweets!

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3 thoughts on “Carnevale

  1. Hi Sue. Nice blog. The festival in Jesi was the Palio di San Floriano, FYI. Come and pay me a visit sometime, I’m just up the road from you. Claire.

    • Many thanks Claire! It’s good to put a name to these things. Would love to catch up! If I can dig out your email on this thing I’ll send you an email and perhaps we can meet up for an aperitivo one day 🙂

    • Hi Claire! Great to hear from you and thanks for getting back to me on the Jesi festival. It’s good to put a name to the event 🙂 Would love to catch up. I’ll send you a message! Thanks again for feedback.

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