Flat letting, learning to sail online and impossible subjunctives…

Well it’s fair to say I’m a little stressed! Moving out of my home for 8 years, renting it out, finishing work, committing to do a sailing course with a prerequisite knowledge (100 hours as it turns out) requirement I don’t have and then moving countries within a month probably is a lot to be getting on with.


There’s been some progress:
– I’ve found some people for the flat (yay!) but they are 3 independent people (boo!) and they’re actors (yay!) but not regularly employed ones (boo!) who are all very nice and I think they’ll look after the place (yay!) but wanted to move in straight away as at least one of them didn’t have a place to stay (boo!). So as of Monday, I have a new housemate on the understanding the others will move in at the end of March. Myself and Lucy are moving out on Thursday 28th March (the day after my work leaving do! Boo…). Anyway, so far so good. Hoping to tidy up all the contractual bits and pieces this week and next.


– I had an offshoot leaving do with some of the girls from work! March is a bit flakey- people need to use their holiday up (I never had that issue) so they’d worked out this week was best –  very sweet. And they kept it a surprise too, cunningly done. Went to All Stars bowling in Bayswater which was great, then for a meal later.  I’ll miss them. I work with a good bunch.


– My sailing course has become more hassle. It emerges I was going to be the only one on the intensive theory course so they’re cancelling. Its an online one now but I can pop into lessons  occasionally (handily they’re 5 mins walk from work). At the moment my evenings and weekends are less about what I’d like to do and more what the most urgent thing that I can’t delay possibly delay. Still it does mean I can have Easter weekend at my folks rather than in a classroom, albeit probably doing my own intensive theory class!

– Seeing Italian girl on Friday for a chat after work. Currently on the Subjunctive verb form – it’s impossible. Just impossible.
Anyway, I’m procrastinating. Guarantor forms here I come…
Sogni d’oro
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