The most productive weekend ever, ice-cream sundaes and dream boards…


I. Am. Shattered. This weekend, I have:

– Had a builder come in to sort out the bathroom ceiling which was falling to bits (admittedly, this wasn’t so strenuous on my part)

– Painted the bathroom (I don’t know why but everything I paint requires at least 100000004 coats of paint).

– Painted the toilet (the room the toilet is in as opposed to the actual toilet. That would be unconventional).

– Sanded and varnished the dining room floor.

– Sanded and painted the bedroom window sill.

– Packed yet more stuff in The Room of Chaos (spare bedroom).

– Got rid of some extraneous furniture.

– Cleaned the flat for photo taking.

– Took photos

– Advertised the flat on gumtree. Please someone rent my flat!

– Had a headache the entire time.

AND I saw a friend for a rather luxurious breakfast that included an ice cream sundae. I highly recommend the ice cream sundae at The Exhibit in Balham. It’s delicious. Even for breakfast. I don’t know why I bother with savoury food <looks down at stomach>. Perhaps I do.

AND AND my Italian friend has emailed without further prompting – she had a good excuse for a slow response. She’s given me her phone number. So perhaps I wont have to pay Italians to be my friend after all 🙂

In an attempt to give myself a head start on the people that I’ll be doing the sailing course with (given that they will all have had the slight advantage of having actually sailed whereas I alas, have not), I’ve started reading my “Day Skipper for Sail and Power” book by Alison Noice. It’s a recommended book. However, I’m only on page 5 and I’m finding the whole thing pretentious (honestly, who says “blow” rather than “wind”…) and annoying (“left”, “right”, “behind”, “in front” are perfectly adequate terms – why on earth rename them “port”, “starboard”, “aft” and whatever the other is I can’t remember). I feel I will have to exercise great control not to spend the entire course scoffing every 2 minutes.

In other news this week, I met someone a little like me (I don’t think that’s ever happened before). They showed me their Dream Board. It’s fantastic! It’s simple but lovely – you put a bunch of photo’s representing what you want out of life together on a board. It helps give some focus – it’s very inspiring. Oprah has a free little app for it. I love mine – I’ve got a colour print-out on my wall.

Right, my productivity has run out. I’m off. 46 days to go until I finish work – 34 working days!!!!!

Sogni d’oro 🙂


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