Getting Started in Italy

Just in terms of moving over (if you’re from the UK), it looks like there are 3 “things” needed:

  • Codice Fiscale. This is a tax identity number and needs to be obtained at the local tax office (ufficio della imposte dirette). It seems to be essential for getting an Autocertificazione (see below).
  • Autocertificazione (di residenza) – proof of residency appears to be important for the Italians. The bureaucracy surrounding getting this proof seems to have reduced so apparently this is all that’s required.
  • Carta d’Identita – which you need to get from your local “comune”. All Italians need to have one of these (and other permanent residents).

On arrival to Italy…

  • Register with your embassy/consulate just in terms of advice and information on diplomatic or passport issues or in emergencies.
  • Look into currency exchange so you don’t get stung with paying high exchange rates on every purchase. Apparently there’s a company that deals with that kind of thing. I have yet to really understand the implications of not going through a company like this. I’m intending to check out the website in a bit of detail and email them.
  • Get an Italian bank account (but generally only transfer what you need over).
  • Tell Inland Revenue that you’re moving (apparently they’ll do something tax wise so that you don’t get taxed twice).
  • Get an offshore bank account (apparently you can do this if you’re not resident in the UK) which means that you don’t have to pay tax on your savings.
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