Where: In the Ancona province of Le Marche about 8km away from the Adriatic coast. It’s close to Loreto and set in some wonderful countryside.

Things to do: Personally, I like just wandering around places but there’s a couple of museums to visit and the churches/cathedrals are mainly open to the public so worth checking the doors (which are usually closed) if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

Things of note: There’s a lot of cultural stuff in Recanati. Giacomo Leopardi lived here – he’s the Italian “wordsworth”.

For more info: Have a look at the Tourist Information website for Recanati. It’s in Italian but if you’ve got a decent web-browser, it’ll offer to translate for you.

Here’s some photos I took whilst there:

Camera 360

Taken close to a park and near a school…

Camera 360

One of the entrances to the paese

Camera 360

Possibly one the older cathedral – I should have made notes as well as taken photo’s when I was going around! Couldn’t get into this one.


Camera 360

Inside one of the churches

Camera 360

Recanati seemed to be built with pigeons in mind – there’s lots of little holes with snoozing pigeons in. Very cute!

Camera 360

View out from one of the houses/courtyards that the public can have a look around

Camera 360

In the main piazza, there’s a running archway around the rather grand building there. You can wander in here – there’s a museum (closed when I went)

Camera 360

This is taken from the middle of the main piazza in Recanati. You can sit out in the middle and have an icecream.

Camera 360

Main piazza, have a seat there for a drink / ice cream.

Camera 360

This a statue of Giacomo Leopardi – the Italian version of Wordsworth. for more info.

Camera 360

They’ve got some very cool murals / wall sculptures as you go into the town from one side at least, very effective.

Camera 360

A view from the top of one of the town walls

Camera 360

Another beautiful vista taken from a look out spot!

Any hints and tips yourself on (or corrections to make to the above!) on Recanati? Please get in touch!

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