How to get the train in Italy

The trains are pretty nice in my experience. The train from Ancona down to Ascoli is mostly on a lovely stretch of coastline and in the opposite direction from Ancona to Fabriano direction the line is nestled between spectacular hills. The trains SEEM to run on time, it’s easy to buy tickets and some of the trains and stations look a bit space-age like.

Camera 360
Perhaps space-age is pushing it but certainly very nice…

In summary, train travel isn’t very traumatic here.

  1. Check out this website for train times.
  2. Allow plenty of time for your connecting bus to be exceedingly late.
  3. Go the machines, it’s easier. And in fact, they tell you when your next train is too which is handy.
Camera 360
Self service ticket machines – a doddle and nobody else uses them (curiously)

4. If you want to attempt your Italian, then select the Italian flag. Otherwise, select the English flag and follow the onscreen instructions (or the amusing sounding voice instructions).

5. You’ll get a huge ticket – a bit like this… At least it’s difficult to lose.

Camera 360
Massive ticket

5. Then, BEFORE you get on the train, stamp your ticket at a machine…

Camera 360
I looked odd taking a picture of myself stamping this ticket. I hope it helps someone 😉

6. Then find your train, get on it and have a splendid time somewhere.

If you have any thing to add to getting trains in Italy, please let me know…


3 thoughts on “How to get the train in Italy

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  2. Peter G

    For advance bookings and for getting from other countries, it’s worth checking out the Man in Seat 61’s site: We managed to book and print our tickets in advance before our trip earlier this year. It certainly is easy, fairly cheap and a nice way to get around!

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