Alcohol improved drawings, snow-capped mountains and piadina making…

Buongiorno a tutti!

How is everyone? There’s not much to report I’m afraid this time around. I’ve been busy doing a bit of teaching, going to the art course on Wednesday’s and I’ve also been doing some ‘arty’ things at home. The art course was quite interesting last week. We drew using a biro and then poured alcohol over it (pure alcohol – the remnants of your wine bottle won’t work). It has quite an interesting effect! I’ll continue experimenting this week and when I’m actually happy with something I’ll post up a photo 🙂

We have snow capped mountains! It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to go snowboarding this year. I’ve just bought some more snowboarding gear too. My nearest snowboarding place is Sassotetto,  only 25 minutes drive away 🙂

I have been out and about, evidence below:


Look, caps of snow on the mountain!!!!!!!!


Before the snow came, in fact just the day before, I decided to have a drive in the mountains because when it gets snowy a lot of the roads are blocked off. I had plans to take some nice sunset photos but it was so windy that the tripod kept blowing over.


This is taken from one of my favourite beaches – San Michele. 


And this was taken from the other end of the beach. That’s Monte Conero ahead. Apparently it’s shaped like a lion’s head. I think you need to squint to get that.


This was Sarnano taken at the crack of dawn before the snow came.


And this is one of my new favourite mountain places near Amandola.


At the weekend I went to a “Degustazione”, a sort of tasting event of Brunello and Chianti wine, where an excellent country band called Backroads were playing.  These guys sung in perfect South American accents (I checked and they were indeed Italian). Very impressive! Here I was able to show my prowess of wine knowledge by accidentally orchestrating the mixing of the Brunello and Chianti wines in one glass to create an interesting mix. Apparently this is not the done thing (but I can confirm it still tasted of red wine).

I also went on a Piadina making course at a lovely local B&B called Residence VerdeQuiete which has a great open space they use occasionally for running courses. Piadinas are a type of flat bread -a bit like a tortilla but perhaps a bit thicker and a bit more rigid. The course was great, run by Simonetta Sfoglina.  At the end of the session, we had a very tasty “degustazione” (the term works for piadinas just as well as wine!). We ended up with 6 or so piadinas to take away with us. I have to admit, I hanker after Mexican food which is hard to come by here so I somewhat corrupted the italian nature of mine and made fahitas with them!!! Mmmmmmm………………….


Piadina! Traditional fillings are usually cheese, salad and/or meat based.

The next couple of weeks will be quite busy. On Thursday and Friday I’ll be heading to Forlì (it’s a city  in Emilia-Romagna, about 2 or 3 hours from here)  to meet with some other Italian based bloggers for a tour of the city. We are to be shown some of the local cuisine and to check out the art and museums, so I can’t wait for that. I shall report back at the weekend.

Then there’s a “Ciaspolata” (snowshoeing walk) on Sunday on one of the nearby mountains. I’ve never done that so I’m quite excited about that too. Then on Wednesday I’m off to Berlin for a few days before going back to the sunny UK for Christmas! I’m looking forward to being in a house with central heating. My bathroom is so cold that I’m considering getting a commode to put by the fire.

I think that about covers the last few days. I hope you are all having good weeks!


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3 thoughts on “Alcohol improved drawings, snow-capped mountains and piadina making…

  1. Peter G

    Lots coming up for you! The snowshoeing sounds wonderful.

    We’ve only been to Forli airport, which now seems to be be closed.

    Enjoy Berlin, we loved it there. Some great veggie food options as well (and all clearly marked).

  2. I love piadina! We had them at our wedding filled with melted cheese! I’m off to Berlin for the first time in February so any tips you pick up would be most appreciated.

  3. secretsarnano

    Buongiorno Sue, Loved the blog and great pics! Now I want to make some piadinas!! How did you wind up there? Sounds like you’ve got a busy month ahead. I’m curious to know what Forli is like – and if it’s worth a visit . I heard from Pippo and he sent me some pics of the terrace – I didn’t tell him that if already had a sneak preview from you! He has also built a stone wall there that looks amazing. I need to see it in person! As for me, all is good. Finally over my American jet lag and happy to be back with Walter and Nino! Been catching up with friends and Israel is finally starting to experience winter – down to 12 degrees yesterday – 6 at night. That’s considered very cold here ! Today is our last session with Sivan and his psychologist. I guess things are as good as they can be. The meeting I’m sure will be interesting! Leaht and Maya are busy planning a pregnancy and they hope to have a baby within a year. That will be a wild event I am sure! Ha! They haven’t got a clue how their lives will be turned upside down ! But I love buying baby clothes(they are so cute 😉 so that part will be fun for me. Seinfeld is coming to Israel and we have tickets so it should be a good night of comedy . Elton John coming after – still love his music, so we will go to the concert, Wal still very busy working but he loves it so I suppose that’s a good thing. But he makes it home by 7 so I can’t complain! Oh and I heard from Iza who says they are only leaving on September-so we have time to plan her kidnapping !!! Gosh I suppose I shouldn’t make jokes like that given all the terror attacks around the world! Israel still very tense but I’m hoping things will quiet down now that it’s winter . Have fun in Berlin! Un abbraccio grande! Stacey💜

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