Conero Crafts is open for business!!!


Well this week has been really good! I bring you my new shop, Umbria visits and some new art bits & pieces.

Conero Crafts!

So after much deliberation, my shop is called Conero Crafts given my inspiration has come somewhat from the Monte Conero area. Click here to check it out 🙂

Excitement isn’t the word! I sort of accidentally came across this selling driftwood strategy – I was just intending to post some of my stuff up on Etsy, a reasonably well-known internet shop specialising in hand made products, but Etsy wanted a shop name before I could post and now it’s made me ambitious! I had my first sale today and I’ve been bouncing around the house ever since. I even have compliments slips. Exciting, exciting, exciting!

Here’s some of the latest pieces…






Umbria visits

In other news, for “Pasquetta” (Easter Monday) we went to Assisi & Perugia (the we is myself and I shall call him for the purposes of anonymity, Pane Caldo).

Both Perugia and Assisi are beautiful places to visit. There was a nice little market going on in Perugia and after a quick wander around the centre, we had a long lunch where I ordered a Napolitan pizza not realising that it had anchovies on until my friend picked me up on it, so in a rush, I changed my order to a Napolitan without the anchovies. Otherwise known as a Margherita. I suspect that caused amusement in the kitchen.


Lots of eateries! I can’t remember which one I embarrassed myself in…


Market in Perugia

Then we headed to Assisi of Franciscan monk fame. I’d already been there once before a few years back but it was nice to look around again.


One of the main squares in Assisi…


Assisi is beautiful – looks like something from a fairy tale when you’re driving up to it…

Then earlier this week, I had a couple of friends over from London to stay. It’s always nice to see people from back home here and show them around. We didn’t get to see too much – I was at work for one of those days and there’s a fair bit of things around here to try and squeeze in. On the first evening we headed to Sirolo for an aperitivo and then back to Camerano to attempt to go to the trattoria but I forgot it shuts on a Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we went to Offagna, a beautiful hill top town with a big castle and fabulous views with the idea of going to one of my favourite pizzerias, “Sotto la Rocca” which I forgot shuts on a Wednesday!

This has been my last weekend in the Camerano flat :-(. I have accumulated quite a significant amount of stuff. I think it’ll take a couple of car trips at least to get the stuff to the new flat and I’m a bit worried that I don’t have a parking permit yet so we’re not even technically allowed to park outside to even take the stuff into the flat.  

Right, onwards and upwards! Only 4 more weeks or so of teaching to go – woohoo!

Have wonderful weeks all.


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2 thoughts on “Conero Crafts is open for business!!!

  1. Peter G

    Congratulations on the site and getting your first sale!

    • Thanks Pete! Lucky first day i think. Nothing since! I have some ideas though. All good with you and jackie i hope!

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