Buon Natale, poll results and things to do in December

Buon Natale a tutti!

I hope you’re all having fabulous holidays! For me, it’s been a much needed rest and some time to work on the Italian Job as I’ve come to think of it. I’ve had a re-hash of the blog – there are a few more pages now and I think it’s a more organised structure than I had previously so lends itself better for adding useful pages for anyone else looking to move, rather than my monologue of updates!  I’d love some feedback on it – good or bad – comment below or use the poll 🙂

Thanks to those who came back on the last poll about whether Verona’s worthy of a visit! 50% said “go go go”, 33% said “worth a visit” and 16% was for “other”  (they hadn’t been before – I must consider my poll answers more carefully ;-))

I’ve put together a more detailed plan of things to do before I go – basically added some timescales to “Sue’s Action Plan”. I’ve given myself a lot to do for December, considering there’s only 5 days left:

  1. Review flat leasing contracts – get a final contract sorted for renting out the flat.
  2. Confirm escrow arrangements for tenant’s deposits– you have to have the tenant’s deposit held outside of your own bank account. I’ve got a recommendation from a friend.
  3. Understand tax situation, what forms I need to complete for the Inland Revenue and ramifications of telling them. National Insurance – can I and is it worth making voluntary contributions? What if I get a job in Italy, will that cover it?
  4. Look at current exchange – I’m still not entirely sure what to do with finances. I’ll get an Italian bank account but what’s the best way of getting access to my savings and rental income? Hoping to find out!
  5. Email language school – find out when I have to sign up by and how I can find accommodation. I’ve done this already, awaiting a response. They’ve a course starting on Monday 8th April.
  6. Enroll on a sailing course –  I want to do my Competent Crew & Day Skipper courses before I go.
  7. Buy a “smart phone” – my i-pod has finally gone caput and I’ve taken that, as well as my regular need to phone friends and family for directions and train times, as a sign that I should probably get a smart phone. Smart phones don’t work with my fingers generally so it’s a risk! I’ve gone for the Samsung Galaxy S II – sim free and unlocked to give me a bit of freedom in Italy. I’m going to get a pay as you go kind of thing when I’m over there (and when I’m over here too I think). I know nothing of smart phones – if you have any advice, please send it through 🙂

That’s it for now – hoping to get a new page up in the next couple of days about the finance bits & pieces.

Ciao for now!

Sue x

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2 thoughts on “Buon Natale, poll results and things to do in December

  1. anke

    Can help you with 1., 2. bits of 3. (Inland Revenue) and 7. (also not Samsung but more general). xx

    • Thank you Ms B! You’re already helping massively on 1 – it’s your ones that I’m reviewing 🙂 Can’t wait until your back in Blighty. I’ll send you a note to pick your brains about the other bits! xxx

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