The Saga of the Slacking Sparky, Sailing and Senigallia…


Greetings all! Let me update you on this week’s top stories from Streatham…

Electrician – you will be dumb-founded to learn that my Electrician, who didn’t show up a week or two back citing a mystery illness, has still not made contact despite being asked to, and providing my availability. Who would have suspected?! And when he’s usually so efficient as well. If anybody would like any condemnations for tradesmen in the Streatham vicinity, please do get in touch.

Sailing – well, let me tell you… It’s all change. The plan is more fluid than something that is incredibly fluid. March/April: Do a competent Crew & Day Skipper Course over in the UK. April/May: Move to Italy with view to renting somewhere on the coast for 1 year. Enroll on month language course. Find sailing club. Spend next 12 months doing sailing related activities with said club and find something sociable to do for work if possible. Spring 2014: Buy boat. Give up rented flat. Skirt coastline so never more than swimming distance from shore. Encourage/make friends and family crew my boat. Autumn 2014: Either a) become a successful sailing entrepreneur or b) sell boat.

Italian Coastline – With regards to above cunning plan, I’m now looking for a rented property on the Le Marche coast. I’ve found a town called Senigallia – seems to be ok (but then Fano sounded ok too and well, it’s absolutely fine as long as you’re expectations are suitably poor). It has a badminton club. How bad can it be?!  Anyone else been anywhere nice around there?

Allora. Tempo per letto (I strongly suspect I create endless new sayings in my attempts at the Italian language!) .


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