Productivity, basketry and annoying grammatical tenses…


Long time no write – mi dispiace (I’m sorry)! No excuse, I’d been waiting until I had something productive to report but alas, no productivity has happened and everything’s been boringly mundane.

A brief summary – I’ve been looking at courses. I want to do something that could furnish me with an essential skill for Italy. So, I’ve pretty much decided on Contemporary Basketry for Beginners and Improvers 🙂 Morley College, is simply the best college of all time. There’s nothing it doesn’t do (apart from er, Blacksmithing and Stained Glass).

Let me tell you about my bathroom. The electrician came and after a week and a bit, and much prompting, provided a quote for putting a radiator and fan in the bathroom. I’ve asked for a different type of radiator. I’m not going to chase. I’m testing him to see how long it’ll take him to reply (though if I stick to such stringent criteria as “must want business without constant hounding” I’ll be radiatorless and fanless).

Had my Italian lesson today. I cannot get my head around when to use past participles and imperfect something or others in Italian. To learn foreign languages, I’ve discovered it’s enormously helpful to know grammar in English first, and also, I would say it’s imperative not to have a memory like a sieve. My tutor gives me exercises where I need to choose which one to use – “il passato prossimo or imperfetto?” she asks. I would get more right if I solely plumped for one of them when completing the exercises. As it is, my random guesses result in me getting it wrong almost 100% of the time. And no, I cannot just reverse my guessing logic. There is none, it’s just exceptionally bad luck. I’ve bought another grammar book – “Italian Grammar – a Clear New Approach”. Italian book and duvet cover purchasing always make me feel better. Perhaps that will help. Though I think shortly, I will have exhausted the entirety of Italian learning books, be forced into buying duplicates and still have not the foggiest clue of when to use what when!

Right, that’s enough babbling. Soon, I hope to have useful information about moving to Italy 🙂

Sogni d’oro!


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