Tradesmen, Books & Language Courses…


Mi dispiace! I’ve been very poor with my blogging of late. I’ve been out and about.

I’ve had some quotes back from the tradesmen folk – I quite like the site as it currently stands. I’ve had 4 people show an interest within a 6 mile radius and a couple are coming around on Sunday or early next week to give quotes. I’ll be relieved when that’s sorted and the flat will be one step closer to being rent-able! Alas, I keep coming up with other bits that will need to get sorted too <sigh>. Still onwards and upwards.

I had some responses back from the estate agents too – I’m going to compile their rates into a spreadsheet to do a bit of a comparison for the various options properly. Seems to be pretty similar across estate agents as far as I can establish.

I bought a good “learn Italian” pack a month or so back which I’ve been listening too. I have several dozen beginner type books and having worked my way through all of the beginnings of the beginners books, I consider myself more of an intermediate now. The pack I have is “Italian – Beyond the Basics Coursebook” by Living Language which came with a CD and an Italian Learner’s Dictionary (which is actually very good – quite a bit more useful than a regular dictionary for things like phrases etc.). It’s very good in terms of getting used to dialogue – it’s one of the harder things to get used to if you’re mainly used to reading or going through exercises. So, I’ve been listening to that a lot and I think it might have helped.  I’d recommend it.

Otherwise, no further movement in terms of Italy move – tune in soon for an update 🙂

Ciao i miei amici, sogni d’oro!


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