Tenancy Agreements, Life Coaching and Bathroom Ceilings…


How are you all? (I say “all” – you know, it’s difficult to tell how many of you there are. There did seem to be a reader from the states the other day. I felt very global. Alas, they haven’t come back yet.)

Well, I have a tenancy agreement from my Berlin friend, although I haven’t looked at it properly yet.  I’ll do that this weekend. And I’m fully intending to try and get my bathroom ceiling into a better place this weekend too (or at least, start the process) in preparation for renting the place out. I’ve taken some photos of it and will send them to the local handymen to see if they have any ideas on how to fix it, whether they would do it and how much it would cost. In fact, perhaps I’ll post it here. My friend was telling me I should consider putting some pictures up here so er, yes, horrid bathroom ceiling here we come 😉 In fact, I think there’s some kind of voting functionality on this – perhaps you could vote on a solution 😉

I did some life coaching this evening with a new friend of mine which is one of the options on my “things to do in Italy” Grand Plan.  I’m not sure how successful it was. She seemed to be happy when we parted! I think I’m quite a logical person, and I like to plan – my Project Management career is probably something I’m well suited to. I have a lot of spreadsheets and lists – I have a goals sheet with this year’s goals and a 5 year plan next to my bed and I check off items as I go. If I’m stuck with a difficult dilemma, I’ll do a full options appraisal, complete with weightings and risk coefficients. I have a spreadsheet to track my expenditure and I categorise each item against a category. It updates a spending trend summary which compares against what I have spent or haven’t spent. And then I have many other financial spreadsheets. Anyway, my point was, I don’t think other people are like me – and so although perhaps it helps to be a bit more plan focussed – there’s a risk that some would think I take it too far. I’d like to see what my life coachee thought of my coaching. I’ll ask her in the next couple of days and see if she has any feedback.

Ok, on the train now. Approaching home so I’ll sign out for tonight.

Sogni d’oro i miei amici!


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